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Chicken and Grape Salad (serves 4-6)
1.4kg (3lb) roasting chicken
1 onion
1 carrot
1 bay leaf
6 peppercorns
2 eggs
90 ml (6 tbsp) lemon juice
45 ml (3 tbsp) clear honey
150 ml (5 fl oz) whipping
225 g (8 oz) green grapes, halved and seeded
50 g (2 oz) seedless raisins
salt and pepper
lettuce and paprika, to garnish
1. Put the chicken in a large saucepan with the onion, carrot, bay leaf and peppercorns, cover with water and poach for about 50 minutes or until tender. Leave to cool in the stock.

2. Remove the chicken from the stock and cut all the meat off the bones, discarding the skin. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces.

3. Beat the eggs with 60 ml (4 tbsp) lemon juice and the honey. Put in the top of a double saucepan or in a heatproof bowl standing over a saucepan of hot water and heat gently, stirring, until thick. Cover with damp greaseproof paper and leave to cool.

4. Whip the cream until softly stiff and fold into the cold lemon mixture.

5. Add the remaining lemon juice to the grapes, then combine with the chicken, raisins and sauce.

6. Serve garnished with lettuce and paprika.
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