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Bermuda Pork Chops
4 boneless pork loin chops
1 Tbs. plus 1 tsp. olive oil
1 shallot, minced
1 cup dry breadcrumbs
3 Tbs. parsley, chopped
1/4 tsp. thyme, or 3/4 tsp. fresh, minced
1/8 tsp. rosemary, crumbled, or 1/2 tsp. fresh, minced
1 egg yolk cooked
Place pork chops between two sheets of wax paper and pound lightly with a mallet or other heavy flat object to flatten to 1/4 inch thick.

Heat 1 tsp. oil in a heavy small skillet over medium low heat.

Sauté shallot 1-2 minutes or until softened.

Transfer shallot to a bowl and set aside.

Add next 4 ingredients and salt and pepper to taste to bowl with shallot.

Add 1/2 tsp. oil and egg yolk and lightly toss.

Heat remaining oil in a heavy nonstick skillet over medium high heat.

Sauté pork chops 3 minutes per side.

Turn on broiler. Place pork chops on a platter.

Press a portion of crumb mixture onto one side of each pork chop until breadcrumb mixture is 1/4 inch thick.

Place pork chops on broiler pan, crumb side up, and broil 1 minute or until golden.

Serve crumb side up.
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