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Onion Mushroom Steak (Serves about 4 to 6)
3 to 4 pounds chuck roast, about 1 1/2 inches thick
1 envelope mushroom onion or onion soup, dry
1 tablespoon minced dried onion
1 cup red wine or beef broth

Combine the onion and dry soup mix on a sheet of aluminum foil or wax paper.

Roll roast in mixture well, to coat it.

Place in crockpot and pour wine over.

Cover and cook on low 6 to 8 hours, turning roast after 4 hours or on high 3 to 4 hours, turning after 2 hours.

You can add 8 ounces of fresh sliced mushrooms, if desired.Add them the last 30 minutes of cooking.

Also, you can add 1 cup of sliced white, sweet onion and a couple of cloves of smashed garlic for flavor in the beginning.
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